Overview of our anemos Wind atlases

Atlas name Region Documentation Reanalysis Resolution Time period Model
Germany D-3km.M2 site specific MERRA-2 3 km* / 10 min 1997 - current WRF
Germany Flyer D-3km.E5
D-3km.E5 site specific (in German)
ERA5 3 km* / 10 min 1997 - current WRF
D-5km Germany NCEP 5 km / 30 min 1990 - current MM5
EU-10km.E5 Europe EU-10km.E5 ERA5 10 km / 10 min 1999 - current WRF
EU-20km.M2 Europe MERRA-2 20 km / 10 min 1990 - current MM5
EU-90km Europe NCEP 90 km / 3 h 1948 - current MM5
France, Belgium,
F-3km.M2 site specific MERRA-2 3 km* / 10 min 2007 - current WRF
PL-3km Poland MERRA 3 km / 10 min 1995 - 2015 WRF
PL-5km Poland NCEP 5 km / 10 min 1990 - current MM5
SK-10km Scandinavia / baltic states SK-10km ERA5 10 km / 10 min 2000 - current WRF

* site-specific time series available

Also, an overview of our most important wind atlases incl. their model grids is available via our atlas grid tool within awis.

This product is available in our webtool:

Extreme value estimation

For your wind farm, we calculate the 50-years extreme wind speed based on site-specific time series from our Germany 3km wind atlas. The calculation procedure for the extreme wind speeds is based on the method of the program WindPRO. The applied gumbel adaption is based on the least squares method.

Extreme value picture

The calculation procedure includes the following steps:

  • Calculation of site-specific wind speed time series (min. 20 years) at the desired hub height for the most conservative (highest wind speed) WTG.
  • With 40 onshore measurements, a scale factor for extreme wind speeds will be calculated and applied to the time series.
  • With a gumbel distribution the extreme value and standard deviation for 50 years will be calculated.

This product is available in our webtool:

This product is available in our webtool:

This product is available in our webtool:

Initial estimation

A site-specific* initial estimation based on our anemos Wind atlases assists you with the decision for the correct measurement location. Furthermore, a preliminary estimation can form the basis for turbulence calculations and it allows you to compare different WTG types.

Our initial estimation for your site contains:

  • mean wind speed and optionally mean energy yield (20 years)
  • frequency distribution of wind speed and wind direction
  • directional Weibull distribution (12 sectors)
  • annual cycle of wind speed and optionally energy yield
  • optional consideration of wake effects plus further losses
  • .tab file for application in WAsP, WindPRO, Meteodyn, etc.

* site-specific estimation for Germany and France available; for other regions, the spatial resolution of the corresponding wind atlases applies

This product is available in our webtool:

Production atlas

energy yield Germany 3km.M2

Do you need a quick estimate of energy yield for diverse specific wind turbine generators? Our anemos production atlas calculates the energy yields with your given power curves and hub heights.

Therefore, the production atlas allows a comparison between different WTG technologies. Plus, it is a tool for selecting a suitable wind farm site or for expanding your portfolio.

Gladly, we generate wind farm specific production time series for you which consider your given wind farm configuration and losses.

You receive the production data either as site-specific* time series or as map(s) of the mean energy yield of the last 20 years; available with 90 m x 90 m resolution (for Germany and France)

This product is available in our webtool:

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