Wind data analysis


We perform a detailed analysis of your wind measurement, which is prepared following high quality standards. Your measured time series is checked and analysed for missing values, icing and plausibility. For mast measurements, we correct mast shading effects, which occur due to the flow around the met mast. We can also combine several measurements of various time spans and different measurement methods.

For the calculation of the long-term mean, we identify the most suitable long-term data sets based on various criteria. For this purpose, we can access our in-house reanalysis data with high resolution among other data sets. Furthermore, the air density at the site is of high importance for energy yield calculations. Based on our reanalysis data, we can obtain a long-term air density at your site.

Finally, a detailed uncertainty analysis of the wind measurement is part of the wind data analysis report.

Process of a wind measurement campaign


Site selection
Measuring system
Instrumentation and sensors
Functional tests in the laboratory


Support during installation
Installation protocol according to IEC guideline
Periodic inspection of the measuring system
Fast response in case of disturbances
Monthly report


Processing of measured data
Long-term correlation
Final data analysis report
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Krischan Lingel
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Julian Ohl

Julian Ohl
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Dr. Franziska Leverenz

Dr. Franziska Leverenz
M.Sc. Ocean and Climate Physics
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